27 December 2012,

Theta Healing Manifestation and Abundance Training Module– Come And See The Positivity It Is Going To Bring You!

INNER BREAK THROUGH:- For achieving anything in life, you have to first dream for it and then put your efforts to transform your dream into reality. But, there are negative forces like fear, apprehension, prejudices and the urge of procrastination that restrain you from achieving success and prosperity in life.

At the same time, you are gifted with positive forces such as self-confidence, will power, determination, self-motivation, self-direction and self-dignity and esteem feeling. However, these positive forces lie latent within and require some kind of external forces for their manifestation. Once these inner forces are manifested, ways will be opened for you to reach higher levels of achievement.

How Does ThetaHealing® Manifestation and Abundance Help You Achieve All Your Goals In Your Life?

With my 26 years of experience in Canada and New York, I, Mukesh Sharma, come to you with Theta Healing techniques that help you in manifestation of your latent inner energies and lead you in the path of abundance. These techniques will help you to remove your constraining inner negative forces and manifest the positive forces so that you become self-aware about your hidden abilities and make fuller utilization of the same for living a healthy and prosperous life along with unconditional love and increased abundance.

You can recognize your inner self and recreate your life in a positive manner. With the advanced techniques of Theta Healing, I will acquaint you with the seven planes of life through the Creator of All that is.

Energy is the creator of all and flows through all things as an unconditional love. This energy is a reality and helps you in healing. It co-creates the positive forces within you, manifests in their proper forms and takes you to more and more of abundance that you might not have even dreamt of.

Ultimately, the Theta Healing techniques which I will teach you, will take you to the realm of peace and serenity. You can rediscover yourself in a new form; the Creator of the self and will be enabled to utilize your potentialities to the fullest extent. 

Avail This ThetaHealing® Manifestation and Abundance Module Right-away!


All you have to do is buy the training modules designed and provided by me, for your Self-Improvement. The blocking forces within you are the sense of regret, repentance, guilt and defeat, resentments, lack of direction and motivation. There are in fact, six enemies dwelling within every human being; namely anger, greed, attachment, pride, jealousy and selfishness. The anti-thesis of these negative forces, respectively are; love, charity, universal brotherhood, humility, patronage and service.

The Theta healing technique of Manifestation and Abundance provided by me helps you for re-setting goals of your life, developing innovative and great ideas. You are enabled to remember your future. You will be provided a questionnaire regarding beliefs on Abundance that covers 100 such beliefs that need to be isolated and clear your blocks on levels like core, genetic, soul and history. 

For manifestation of the belief that you can do something positive can be achieved if you are made to reach to the Theta brain wave that could be possible by proper training, practice and exercise of your mind.

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