“Discover How to Develop Your Inner Strength And Help Your Business Grow Faster and Healthier… Through Theta Healing Sessions!”

 Do you want in your life…

·   To make bundles of money

·   To have a successful business

·   To have a good quality life

·   To be respected by others

·   And most of all, to live peacefully.

If the answer is yes to any one or most of them, then you may choose to take Theta Healing Sessions with Mukesh Sharma.

Are you happy with your peacefulness of mind and the profitable level you are at your business?

Are you happy about your relationships with your mom, dad, husband, wife, son or daughter?

Are you worried about what others may think or say about you behind your back and is that pulling you down in your performance?

Do you always seem jumpy and nervous, which is affecting your business dealings?

Are you suffering from any kind of health issues which you have not found a solution for?

Now, the most important question – Do you wish your present situation to a better one?

This is the solution…

 “Theta Healing Sessions”.

Theta Healing is a therapeutic technique that deals with a person’s thoughts, emotions and feelings. The practitioner will put you in a deep state of relaxation through Theta Meditation. However, the healing does not happen “because” of the client or the practitioner. The healing happens because of God, known as Creator Of All Who Is in Theta Healing Sessions. The actual healing happens through prayer and the Unconditional Love God has for you. Your practitioner acts as a facilitator for this change.

In Theta Healing Sessions, the change is almost instantaneous. The mind is cleared, the soul is cleansed and you will find yourself rejuvenated and all set to face your future with a new-found strength and vigour. You will feel healthier than you have before. If you have had any illnesses for which you could not find a solution, it will vanish immediately. Your relationships will improve along with your confidence and people will start giving you the respect you deserve. You become a new you!

If you do not start this life change NOW, how will you get all that you have always wanted in life? You live with a lot of dreams. These dreams are no good enough if they are going to stay just that – in your fantasies. You need to do all you can to achieve your dream and goal; to get to where you have always wanted to. And here’s a chance to do all that, and more!

Mukesh Sharma, the Theta Healing Practitioner in Inner Break Through did a lot of courses on Theta Healing and worked his way through to be a senior trainer and practitioner in the subject. He has conducted training programs and Theta Healing Sessions for a number of individuals and groups. Because of the joy he has received from these trainings, he decided to create a product to pass on this feeling to others so that it is possible for everyone to achieve a state of bliss and enjoy life. As he has spent a lot of money in getting all this training, his aim was to make this product into a comprehensive and intensive package which is affordable to people who absolutely need this!

During these sessions, the practitioner first asks you if he can enter your personal space and your free will is totally understood and respected. You are asked to share your concerns and worries and your practitioner brings you insight on this. This is done on your Theta brain wave level, and the practitioner prays for your wellness. Your negative beliefs are substituted with positive ones which deletes a lot of problems in your life. The unconditional love from God works like a miracle to cure you and move you towards a better future and life.

With Theta Healing Sessions you will get…

·  A calm state of mind which works as a clear slate so that your ideas could build up without any other interference.

·  A higher level of confidence than the one you possessed before, so that you can communicate to your boss, your colleague and your client in a better way.

·  An increased level of activity, so that your productivity is at its maximum and now there is no turning back!

·  Improved relationships since you feel more confident. You become your own boss!

·  More time to spend with your family and friends because now your business or job does not worry you all the time. Your productivity has made your business work as a well-oiled machine and you have a lot of time in hand.

·  Better health since you get rid of all your previous illnesses.

·  All of this is bound to make you a happier person!

With Theta Healing Sessions package, you will become a person who walks with his head held high. Because the solution for all this is right here, right at your finger tips. Grab this opportunity now, so that from this instance, the graph of your life starts an upward movement!

You can avail our Theta Healing Sessions through Skype or phone, as well as face-to-face sessions. It means you can get Theta Healing to improve your future by sitting in your living room. Different Theta Healing Courses are also offered to those of you who want to learn more about this miraculous healing.

So, what is all this going to cost you?

Mukesh Sharma offers you his one 60 minute session for $150. 



But this is not all…

If you invest in a 5 sessions package, you get it for $500. 

This way you save $250 and still buy a guarantee of improving your life.

And what is it worth to you to live in true happiness, health and wealth? PRICELESS!

Join us now for Theta Healing Sessions and everything will give way to your confidence, happiness, joy, peace and strength. Enjoy all this and live a kind of life you have always wanted. Feel the miracle so that not only you will feel better, you will be able to make other people around you feel better as well. The smile on your face will make this world a better place! You live only once, so live life to the fullest!