11 April 2013,

Role of gemstones and crystals in healing the seven chakras

INNER BREAK THROUGH:- Crystals and gemstones play a main and interesting role in healing the seven chakras present in different positions in your body. They are in use form a long time to cure emotions, spiritual feelings and bodily disorders. What it does is it clears the imbalances of energies that obstruct your health, your business to move forward, proper trade and sales and in achieving goals and to keep good relations.

Many people do not know about crystals and what role do they play in healing the chakras. The role of chakras is to maintain the balance by cleansing the negative energies and allowing the natural flow of energy all through your body. It removes all the disturbance and blockages from your body, which are from a long time making you physically, mentally and spiritually sick and depressed.

How are chakras balanced with crystals?

To balance the seven chakras, particular crystals are chosen to place on the chakras points and release the blocked energies from the body. Placing the seven different crystals at chakra spots, the seven layers of body are purified and healed. It is believed that these are the elements that heal the pains and disorders of your body. It also purifies your body by increasing the levels of energy.

Crystal healing balances chakras with lots of benefits like:

·  Improving physical health.

·  Increasing the ability to express love

·  Gaining spiritual growth and healing internal disorders.

·  Gaining self confidence.

·   Enjoying a lovely and pleasure full life.

·  Staying in touch with your feelings.

·  Feeling inner peace and healthy living.

·   Maintaining a pleasing sexual life.

What are the crystals that balance and heal the seven chakras?

Chakra crystals are used to help you to focus and get connected with your energy centers as they have crystal healing powers.

Root chakra:  tiger’s eye is the gemstone that balances the root chakra. Its benefits are: bringing good luck, giving clear thoughts and

Sacral chakra:  this is the second chakra and the crystal that is used to cure it is carnelian. The color of it is orange and is a wonderful healing stone for second chakra. Most of them use it to increase, power and creativity. It cures weakness, asthma, depression and also bronchitis.

Solar plexus chakra: this is the third chakra and citrine is the crystal that calms down emotional issues. It is the known as merchants stone as it helps in acquiring wealth and achieving success.

Heart chakra: this is the fourth chakra and the suitable crystal to it is natural emerald stone and rose quartz crystal. They are in green and pink color. They are associated with spiritual concepts of love, truth and compassion.  

Throat chakra:  Throat chakra is the fifth chakra and the suitable crystal to it is blue kyanite stone which is powerful to manage the esophagus, bronchial area, ears, nose and mouth.  

Third eye chakra: it is the sixth chakra in body and the crystal related to it is amethyst. It balances confusions in mind, indecisions, increases the ability and other mental disorders.

Crown chakra: This is the seventh chakra quartz crystal. It is associated with brain, pineal gland and central nervous system. It is connected to universal sources and is more helpful to heal insomnia or any mental disorders.

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