18 July 2012,

INNER BREAK THROUGH:- Childhood days are the best doubt free days in a person’s life when a person is free from thinking or judging the consequences of his or her actions. Kid’s are always lucky to do what they like whether it is screaming, making face or even acting out of way behavior. The problem comes in when we grow up and start taking responsibilities of life.
Here is it that we start doubting our actions and often sink in to the mind of duality where we want to stay away from making mistakes. This is the time when thoughts of procrastination, fear and lack of confidence come in. Many a times, doubts also crop in due to lack of knowledge on the subject. Let’s say if you want to take a decision on an important finance deal, you might want to wait till you gather sufficient information on the subject which give you a holistic view and thus confirm any dilemmas you might have on the subject matter.
In other words, these blockages and doubts are nothing but conflicting thoughts, messages which corrupt your own mindset and causes lack of self confidence with your choices and decisions.
These doubts act like a locks or blockages, more precisely called as inner barriers, which dismantles the inner genius within you and stunts your growth. If we want to start growing exponentially, the first thing that we need to work on is to clear out the doubts in our mind.
These doubts are created by our surroundings and with the people we live and are born and brought up with. However, these inbuilt doubts which stunt our growth can be drawn out to unleash the confident individual within you. Following are some of the ways in which you can breakthrough your doubts:

Doubt Clearing Coaching

       1. Know your own self, hat you want to be?
Do you take yourself as a waste in life who doesn’t know what to be? Or Are you a person who is unable to shape the clarity of your career path. STOP! Analyze who you want to be. Do you want to be a multi billionaire or a loving spouse? Do you want a dream job or want to do a business? Judge your potentials and chalk out your strengths, acknowledge them and works towards them. Half of your doubts of whether I can are solved in this stage only!
     2. Question Your Doubts or Queries:
As said earlier, many a times, these doubts are a result of lack of information or facts on certain events, say an important deal. At such times it is better to ask questions to expert or give the time a benefit of doubt so that things turn out in your favor.
     3. Have Faith in yourself:
Challenges and barriers are meant to be a part of your life. You will face numerous blockages in life which will leave you in doubt of your abilities and capabilities. Remember, success comes after a 1000 failures. Never leave faith in yourself.

Lastly, keep in mind that not all doubts are bad. They can be good also. Many a times, these doubts act as a warning signal towards something which is wrongly going to happen. Also, doubts occur due to lack of information on the subject or timing of the event. In such cases, it is better to take experts advice or wait for the right time to put your plan into action.

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