Mukesh Sharma, is an energetic and enthusiastic healer and a teacher who delivers theta healing sessions that are extremely impactful and result oriented. He believes that the knowledge increases by sharing with others and it bring a positive change to one’s life which in turn helps an individual to shape their thoughts and goals into dreams which then become their reality at later stages of life.

His only passion to engage on this inspirational path is to help people achieve more success in the desired areas of their lives by connecting them to the omnipresent God. He aims at preparing people to fight and heal against any kind of diseases in order to help them to lead an ecstatic life. This way you get more out of your life and are able to not only follow but also ATTAIN your goals and dreams. Theta healing is such a powerful method that helps an individual to connect to the almighty in just 30 sec of time and pray for the peers.

He has been following his own adventurous path in Canada for over 26 years now. His exclusive and unique traits encourages him to evoke the same burning desire in others – to live life to the fullest and encourage growth, wisdom, love, happiness, success and a deeper fulfilment out of life. Mukesh is a qualified Theta healing Representative who is extremely dedicated to make others benefit by learning this amazing Theta Healing technique through his expert teachings.

He understands that people around the globe face various challenges in life in the form of fears, doubts, anxiety and traumas. He also sensed that in order to motivate, encourage, support and help people, to believe and achieve more out of life and also from whatever it is that is holding them back, a strong inspiration is required. Then he stepped forward to explore and encourage himself to learn theta healing technique by getting truly connected to the power of the Creator.

Here’s why… Success Destiny Builder is his dream project…!

He is extremely passionate about achieving more out of life, so I took a lot of different coaching, and spent a lot of time in getting expert with these theta healing trainings!

He believes, as he is living in a society, it is his moral duty to share his knowledge and learning’s with others so that they can also educate themselves in the comfort of their home, at the fraction of the cost. His objective for teaching this technique is to make a positive impact on an individual’s life by motivating them with the help of the powers of nature. 

His Background

He was a Program Manager in mechanical engineering for over 22 years and had taken specific courses.  He received the training from University of Toronto. 

However, after being on the job for so many years, he faced job stress, colleague/office politics, sleepless nights, how to get paid more issues and other challenges. As and when he started attending various courses, he realised his life became easier suddenly. 

Some of the advanced courses he attended include Self-Help courses like Speed Reading from Dr John Demartini, John Farrow of Guinness Record Holder For Memory, Silva Method from Jonathan and Janet of Toronto, Burt Goldman Method, and Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. He followed the Millionaire Mind in New York, USA and mastered the art of training others with Train The Trainer 1, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Train The Trainer 2 in Los Angeles, California, USA from T. Harv Ecker of Peak Potentials. His major breakthrough took place when he once attended the world’s Greatest Marketing Seminar in Los Angeles whereby he felt a soul to soul connection with Jay Abraham and Bob Circosta. 

It was on that day when he decided to create OUTSTANDING training products at prices affordable for everyone to prosper by so that others can benefit from what he learned, to get the desired results people want out of their respective lives. His self learning journey and his mission in life has also led him to develop three websites viz. which helps people to clear their blocks via online meditations, which would help CEO’s, entrepreneurs and individuals to get one-on-one coaching and which is to develop your soft skills courses with Meditations.


To book Mukesh Sharma for a speaking engagement or participate in a Free Introduction Theta healing, please email at or call at 416 – 644 – 5558.


Special message from Mr. Mukesh Sharma: 

I have achieved many of my goals and I am on my path to achieve my next objectives.  I have disciplined myself to work diligently 10 hours daily and in addition, focus a portion of my time so that we brainstorm productive and creative solutions every day with my team of expert fellow trainers and support team.

I am truly grateful to my Dad for his love, support and encouragement, whom went to heaven during my journey.  I am grateful to my Mom, my Wife, my Kids, my Mentors, Coaches, Gurus, Kapil sir, Art Stefan, Jim E. Mike S., David K., Jay A., Linda B., to name a few people and last but not least, to all my other close family members who have always been my guide, support and have helped me to develop my strength from within.

I am grateful to my all team members, students, clients and suppliers to help me achieve success, who helped me in making this possible.  And, most importantly, I am truly grateful to the divine intervention of God Almighty.  

All of this has been made possible with my strength to incorporate:  Visualization, Meditation, Affirmations and Eyes and Mind focus on my Goals on a daily basis, all of which has helped me, and guided me through my own life transition.


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