10 August 2012,

INNER BREAK THROUGH – Are you experience and old enough but want to grow in your business? Do you feel you face lack of retention power with the kind of people you meet every day and your old age? Do you feel lost in social functions when people ask, “Do you remember me?” Are you looking out for ways to regain your youthfulness and vitality?

If your answer is “Yes” to major of the questions asked. You are not alone. Professionals and business people at old age people meet people day in and day out often tend to forget the people and get drained out of enthusiasm.

As a child you might have enough enthusiasm to do various tasks, but this enthusiasm fades away and you want to regain your youthfulness and vitality.

Do you belong to the same category of people? Do you wish to regain your youthfulness and vitality so that you don’t feel drained out of enthusiasm when you socialize?

Yes! Whatever age you might be, you can sharpen regain your youthfulness and vitality to bring the zing back to you which will help you to improve your business and social life and accelerate yourself to the next level of success. The following are the five ways which you can adopt to bring back the youthful energy:

5 Ways to Regain Your Youthfulness and Vitality

1.      Speak positively to yourself: Encourage and give positive affirmations to your brain about the task in front of you. Say, “Yes I am, young!” instead of saying “Oh how old I am!” Positive affirmations will help you build confidence on your job.  


2.      Exercise your brain: Train the brain to the task that it is not used to. Every time you make the brain exercise, you are actually sharpening the brain muscles to get used to the process you could do it efficiently a few years ago but not now. Say if you attend a seminar; exercise your brain to work out on the parts of the seminar to improve your retention power. Puzzles and activities will help you stimulate your brain to sharpen your brain and regain your youthfulness and vitality.


3.      Physical Exercises: Physical exercise will not only help your body fit but also help in improving your muscles which will indirectly help you in your work a better way.


4.      Involve as many muscles as you can: Try to use multiple senses, to stimulate your brain and body. For example, if you are enhancing your skill set from a manual, try reading it out loud or actually write it down simultaneously on the book, to get the words implant on your brain in a better way.


5.      Over learn the information: Relearning the same information helps! This is true as you might tend to forget the information learnt on the previous day. Relearning and rehearsing your tasks will help you perform better!

Remember, age does not matter; it is your will power at your old age to regain your youthfulness and vitality which does. 

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