3 August 2012,

INNER BREAK THROUGH:- Do you want to attract money in life but are not able to do so? Have you attempted all modes of business? Have your attempts failed? Do you wish to know the secret to attract wealth?

Poverty is the root cause of misery and sufferings. Money in life is said to have the buying power and brings you the respect needed to live in the society. With money you can satisfy your needs and wants.

All of us need money in our daily lives to satisfy our daily needs. Some people crave to have more money in life. They know how it feels to be deprived of money. They can easily empathize when their needs and wants are not sufficed to the right extent. 

Yes, people who do not have money have no option but to do one thing – Compromise! They have to compromise with their needs and wants.

As youth, you might have the access to your parent’s income, but you are actually happy when you have your own! The feeling of the proud is something different.

Let’s accept! No one wants to be poor in their life to suppress their needs and wants. Each one of us wants to attract money but face resistance from within. These manifestations do not allow us to break through and achieve our dreams of success. To break through the barriers, it is important for us to realize the barriers and know the symptoms. Only with knowing the symptoms, you can cure the ailment and breakthrough your inner barriers. The following are 3 symptoms of poverty:

3 Symptoms of Poverty in Life

  1. Indifference: The attitude of indifference is the one of the most impacting one. If you show indifference towards your life, chances are high that you will not attract the desired money and have to compromise with the compensation you get. You have the choice to build your future and dreams! Do not let your life go waste!
  2. Indecision: This is associated with the habit of let others do the thinking for you. If you don’t work on yourself, do you think you will be blessed in life? It is only 1 out 5 people who are lucky to have good life without hard work, thanks to their past karmic cycle because of which they are blessed with the silver spoon in the mouth.
  3.  Procrastination: It is the biggest enemy towards attracting wealth. Do you have the habit of putting today’s work on tomorrow’s schedule? Be careful, you are attracting poverty towards your end and success is sure to make a bee line from your path.

Once these symptoms are registered, it is solely what efforts you take as a person to be away from poverty. Poverty is not your enemy if you are ready to work hard for your fruits in life!

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