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Theta Healing is such a technique of relying upon the creator’s unconditional love for us by putting our natural intuition to use. It focuses on thoughts and prayers with the help of spiritual philosophy which does physical and emotional healing instantly. Every one of us has intuitive abilities that can be put to use to do this spontaneous physical and emotional healing in an individual.

Theta Healing works on all the four levels-

·         Core

·         Gene

·         History

·         Soul

Our mind and body are directly influenced by the power of thought in order to create optimum health. The empowerment of belief and feeling is so high that it has the ability of removing as well as replacing negative emotions, feelings and thoughts. Theta Healing is also responsible for connecting love and energy all together. This happens by including the Theta state in your brain wave cycle. It is a complimentary body/mind therapy or can also be called as alterative health modality with the only aim to assist the wellbeing of an individual physically, spiritually and emotionally. It does not really act as a replacement for conventional medical treatment but a supplement for the same.

Theta is such a state of our brain in which our mind is made to believe that it can create anything and everything and also change any reality instantly. Our brain is said to have five types of brain waves, namely –

·         Beta

·         Alpha

·         Theta

·         Delta

·         Gamma

The brain produces waves in a constant motion without a stop and at all the frequencies the waves are absolutely consistent. Whatever is spoken or done by a human being is regulated by the frequency of the brain waves.

Beta – The brain wave as a beta wave has a frequency of 14-28 cycles per second. In this state a human brain is properly active and the person is alert. The most common example of this state can be a person talking to another.

Alpha – The frequency of a brain wave in this state is between 7- 14 cycles per second. This is a state of deep relaxation or meditation. Alpha brain wave is also called as bridge between the Beta and the Theta. Day dreaming, fantasies, detached, relaxation and state of consciousness are an examples of Alpha brain waves.

Theta – It is again a stage of deep relaxation. The brain waves are at a frequency of 4 – 7 cycles per second in such state. The uses of these brain waves are in hypnosis and in REM sleep. People meditate for hours to achieve perfect calm. The part that lies between the conscious and the unconscious is governed by these waves. Retained memories, feelings beliefs and behaviour are directed by these types of waves only. These waves are characterised as inspirational, spiritual and creative. In this state you act below the level of conscious mind. The state of mind is the same as children playing with video games.

Delta – When a person is in deep sleep he is in a delta state of mind. Brain waves are between 0- 4 cycles per second. For example- when your phone is ringing and you are not paying heed towards it as you already know who is calling. The stimulation and release of Beta Endorphins happens in this state. Learning and processing of information is done when in this state of brain waves.

Gamma – Perception and consciousness require a high brain activity which is done by the gamma waves. In this state the brain waves are between 0 – 4 cycles per second.

When someone is in this state he is favourable for instant healing.

In the miracle of instant healing, the brain can go to 4 cycles per second to 500 per second. The pace range disappears when a person is under anesthesia. May also be involved in binding sensory inputs into the single object that we perceive. This process is so efficient, that we become aware that just happens. The recordings of neurons in the visual cortex show that synchronization in the band range combines part of the cortex stimulated by the same object and not those solicited from various objects, involving the rhythms range of joining. For example, colors, shapes, movements and the position of an object, are processed in the visual cortex in different ways and these characteristics of the object must be combined into a single entity. This is known as the problem of the union (which might be the reason why people hoard memories floating in an unconscious state) and gamma rhythms are taught to provide the solution.

The Alpha and Theta brain waves help in –

·         Relieving stress. It also promotes a substantial reduction to those individuals who are extremely prone to anxiety states.

·         Gives mental clarity. A person feels deep physical relaxation.

·         Increase performance level. And also increases verbal IQ ability.

·         The synchronization of the two hemisphere of the brain becomes better.

·         Improves spontaneousity. Imagination and creativity also blooms.

·         Stimulation and Releasing endorphins increase. Also it promotes europhia and reduces pain.